Main Features Of The City

Lleida enjoys a continental interior weather that, being in the south of Europe, means soft winters and a drier atmosphere compared to the coast cities. The average annual temperature is 16ºC, with an average maximum of 23ºC and an average minimum of 9,9ºC.

The rainfall is approximately 430 L/m2, and half of that amount falls between September and November.

As anywhere in Spain, there is plenty of Sun: there are more than 2.850 hours of sunshine, overcoming in 126 hours (+4,6%) the national average. This means that the inhabitants in Lleida enjoy more than 190 sunny days per year.

History Of The City

Caressed by its own history, the streets of Lleida hold a vast number of monumental treasures and cultural heritage.

Lleida is a passionate travel to the past, present and future of a singular place on which, at first sight, their mountains are predominant. In one of them you can see the majestic “Seu Vella” which is our romanic-area cathedral and the symbol of the city. In the other one we can contemplate the templary castle of Gardeny.

With a vast historical and patrimonial legacy, Lleida presents itself today as the capital of the interior part of Catalonia. The “Seu Vella” and the Castle of the King-La Sida (magnificent group of monuments which symbolize Peace and Friendship) which has initiated the path to become UN World Heritage; the Technological and Scientific Agroalimentary Park (international referent on its sector) as well as the “Llotja” (Theatre and Congress Venue), the Museum of Lleida, the “Jaume Morera” Municipal Museum of Art, “La Panera” art centre… those are only a few of the actives we can offer on this city open to knowledge, which was the venue of the first University of the Crown of Aragon.