Main Features Of The City

Tarragona enjoys a real Mediterranean climate, with mild temperatures during winter, and warm, dry summers.

The yearly average temperature is slightly over 16ºC and rainfalls are below 500mm. It only rains between 2 to 4 days in June and July, with an average temperature of 24ºC.

Average annual temperature in TARRAGONA is 17ºC

Average annual maximum temperature in


Annual rainfall in TARRAGONA is 500mm per year

Hours of sunshine: total annual of 2527

History Of The City

Tarragona lies in Southern Catalonia and it is the capital of the Tarragona district and of its province. Founded in the 3rd century b.C., it has a large port and it is the heart of a vast petrochemical centre. It was the capital city of the Roman province Hispania Citerior and it still retains important archaeological remains of that period.

Tarragona is a city of light and colours. Its climate, gentle and Mediterranean, together with the welcoming ambiance of its streets and the hospitality of its inhabitants, help create the large, fun, festive and cultural space in the open air that it has become.

On the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Tarragona is one of the four capitals of the region of Catalonia; it is located 92 km South of Barcelona. The city spreads along 14 km of the littoral and its beaches have fine and golden sand, hence its name of Golden Coast (Costa Daurada).

Tarragona is a worthy heir of the imperial Tarraco. It is a unique city that has succeeded in combining its remarkable Roman and medieval heritage with true modern gems: all serves to make it a prime tourist destination.

The city has always sought to recognise and respect its Roman heritage. This has led to the inscription of the archaeological ensemble of Tarraco, which lays in the city, to the UNESCO’s World Heritage, in 2000.